Hosting & Domain

We offer you Fast, Secure, Reliable Hosting and domain registration services, Thus we have different type of packages and facilities for you just select a plan which is perfect for your business or your organization, then register it with us and enjoy the incredible services and stay safe and secure with your domain and host with us..


Security & Backup

We do care about your business domain, Host, and all you secured data also information. So we do our best to secure your data also your users authentications and your back-end database with all types of illegal attacks, As well as Backup concern -we are in charge of your data backup and security you should not concern about...


Responsive to Devices

The new technologies are growing incredibly fast, also the mobile and tablet also Laptops are in different screen size, Thus the website has to be in such a way that it must be flexible at all devices 's screen in order to attract the user and bringing them a good interface to view. So we develop on such way you would love it.


Social Media

Now a days the social media is the best source of collecting traffic to your business and websites. In order to be known in the market we will integrate the social media accounts on your website and you can share your website on social media accounts in order to get your place on the market and every body will know you brands.


SEO Optimization

Every business man cares about the market place, , And we all know that we have many search Engines Such us Google also Bing and Yahoo This is the best way to guide the clients to view ! we will register your post, your website in all search Engines and we will help you to be on the top of the Search Engines...

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Website Performance

The software or the website is the best according to the software engineering that it responses faster with having user friendly interface and CMS , So if some one makes his host in Afghanistan and someone else want to open the website in the US so the transformation of the data will Take some times, We have the solution to register your website in all world servers.

We Offer Rain Package

The Rain Package which include all business solution from Domain Registration to Hosting and Emails also Search Engine Optimization and Website Performance, so you don’t need to have concern about we make your website.